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Biocatalysis Platform

The development of synthetic routes has led to a more cost effective and green process that utilizes the high selectivity of enzymes, especially as an alternative to chiral precious metal catalysts. Aiming to providing a high-impact and cost-effective solution, we have built a seamless and robust ‘one-stop' platform that combines our world-class process chemistry and high-quality manufacturing assets to screen, optimize and manufacture bio-catalysts for the production of relevant intermediates while using crude enzymes at the same site for the desired conversion.

Biocatalysis PlatformFigure 1. Biocatalytic processes. (Rosenthal, K.; Lütz, S. 2018)

Our Services

To make it easier and better for researchers, BOC Sciences provides Biocatalysis Platform service in a competitive fashion. We have provided a more efficient way to increase the number of new drugs, greatly shorten the R&D cycle, and reduce the development costs.

Our experts can design, optimize and screen enzymes according to the specific requirements of each project. GMP compliance and the flexibility is guaranteed to produce quantities from mg to ton manufacture. We optimize and produce catalysts to support the entire chemical process. Moreover, we can immobilize each enzyme or modify its properties to maximize efficiency in a manufacturing environment. Our teams are also able to apply various advanced techniques to avoid loss of enzyme activity.

Enzyme screening

BOC Sciences has a large portfolio of biocatalysts, and our experts can rapidly screen enzymes from these diverse libraries using various high-throughput tools

Novel enzyme development

Our team utilizes cutting-edge bioinformatics and molecular biology platforms with comprehensive data mining capabilities to develop novel enzymes based on customer requirements. This approach is particularly useful when existing enzyme library screening processes do not yield suitable hits

Biocatalyst production

  • BOC Sciences offers dedicated laboratory and pilot fermenters that can produce enzymes at milligram and kilogram scale to rapidly advance screening studies and scale bio-catalytic processes to enable production of clinical trial supply batches, respectively
  • We also initiate a dedicated large-scale fermentation plant at our cGMP-inspected facility to produce 100s kg or MT scale with high quality under ISO conditions
  • Our crude enzymes produced in pilot and large-scale assets can be directly used in chemical processes to manufacture clinical trials and/or commercial scale batches

Protein engineering and evolution

Our well-established protein engineering platform driven by artificial intelligence technology and high-throughput automation can deliver de novo enzymes that are tailored and optimized for commercial scale production. We can provide our customers with an efficient, unified project management system that connects the protein evolution programs

Process development

We are able to achieve efficient, stable and economical production processes by optimizing process parameters, feeding methods and reaction systems

Why choose BOC Sciences?

Our dedicated CMC team has provided tailored solutions to our clients from engagement to launch. With many years of industry experience, we provide clients with the following:

  • Comprehensive, integrated CMC services with a flexible service model that grows with your programs
  • Knowledgeable industry experts who deliver scalable, actionable insights
  • World-class facilities and equipment that remain at the forefront of the global pharmaceutical research, analytical and development standards
  • Our comprehensive services support products at every stage of the product lifecycle, from early-stage discovery to full commercial cGMP manufacture
  • A focus on risk management that is designed to ensure completion of your technical goals

BOC Sciences provides professional, rapid and high-quality services of biocatalysis platform at competitive prices for global customers. Personalized and customized services of biocatalysis platform can satisfy any innovative scientific study demands. Our clients have direct access to our staff and prompt feedback to their inquiries. If you are interested in our services, please contact us immediately!


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