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Bioavailability Enhancement

Over the past decades, a large number of drugs as well as drug candidates with poor dissolution characteristics have become a major problem in new drug development. Currently, new APIs synthesized using advanced combinatorial chemistry method commonly have issues of poor solubility and bioavailability. Pharmacologists are committed to investigating new technologies to improve oral absorption of drugs, and problems related to solubility and bioavailability can be addressed. BOC Sciences is capable of offering many novel formulation strategies for improving bioavailability in a variety of ways, such as lipid-based formulations, nanosized technologies, complexation with polymers and nanomaterials, and permeation enhancers.


  • Development of amorphous solid dispersions
  • Micronization
  • Nano-suspensions
  • Lead selection/Early toxicity phase evaluation

Bioavailability EnhancementFigure 1. Enhanced dissolution and bioavailability. (Zhang, X.; et al. 2018)

Our Services

To make it easier and better for researchers, BOC Sciences provides bioavailability enhancement service in a competitive fashion. We have provided a more efficient way to increase the number of new drugs, greatly shorten the R&D cycle, and reduce the development costs.

Service features

  • Highly predictive computer-aided thermodynamic polymer screening models for selecting matrices for developing amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs) or lipid delivery systems
  • Reliable prototype for phase I formulation and dose development
  • Data-driven prediction of excipient miscibility
  • Rational polymer selection
  • Prototype screening of amorphous solid dispersions
  • High-throughput screening: More than 100 substrates are evaluated in just a few weeks
  • Optimized bioavailability via ranking matrix: solubility and controlled release issues can be addressed with full consideration of in vitro and in vivo correlation of API properties

Bioavailability EnhancementFigure 2. Commonly used preparative techniques for solid dispersions. (Zhang, X.; et al. 2018)

Spray drying

Spray drying has been shown to improve the solubility and enhance the bioavailability of drug candidates. The technology involves dissolving the drug in an organic solvent in the presence of a polymer, and the resulting solution is then spray dried to form a dispersion. BOC Sciences allows for the production and packaging of capsules and tablets at different scales and ensures the quality and shelf life of the product itself

Particle size reduction

Our experts use a range of particle size reduction processing equipment, including mills, nano-mills and micronizers, to produce your final drug product in a bottle, or can be further formulated as a drug in capsules or tablet formulation

Lipid vehicles and complexes

Many poorly water-soluble drugs can be effectively bioavailable when administered with a fat-rich meal. At BOC Sciences, lipid vehicles are designed to mimic this effect by pre-dissolving the drug within an appropriate lipid structure, thus bypassing the need for in situ dissolution of insoluble crystalline materials. With considerable expertise in developing your lipid-based and complex delivery vehicles, we are able to screen a range of lipid and complex vehicles, including self-microemulsifying delivery systems, single oil phases, and cyclodextrins. In addition, your formulation will be characterized in vitro, prior to entering the clinic

Nano suspension

Nano suspension can improve their in vivo pharmacokinetic behavior by increasing solubility. The BOC Sciences formulations team has extensive experience in screening and optimizing nanomaterials for pharmacokinetic, toxicology and clinical trials, as well as in micronizing and drying nanomaterials

Bioavailability EnhancementFigure 3. Dimension and physical properties of different kinds of dispersions. (Zhang, X.; et al. 2018)

Hot melt extrusion (HME)

We support HME technique to prepare amorphous solid dispersions to enhance bioavailability of insoluble drugs. We have equipped with R&D facilities of different sizes to meet different production needs for the preparation of samples required for different clinical phases

Liquid formulation

We make formulations into liquid or semi-liquid formulations to improve bioavailability of insoluble compounds, our capabilities include: liquid filled hard capsules and softgel capsules

Why choose BOC Sciences?

Our dedicated CMC team has provided tailored solutions to our clients from engagement to launch. With many years of industry experience, we provide clients with the following:

  • Comprehensive, integrated CMC services with a flexible service model that grows with your programs
  • Knowledgeable industry experts who deliver scalable, actionable insights
  • World-class facilities and equipment that remain at the forefront of the global pharmaceutical research, analytical and development standards
  • Our comprehensive services support products at every stage of the product lifecycle, from early-stage discovery to full commercial cGMP manufacture
  • A focus on risk management that is designed to ensure completion of your technical goals

BOC Sciences provides professional, rapid and high-quality services of bioavailability enhancement at competitive prices for global customers. Personalized and customized services of bioavailability enhancement can satisfy any innovative scientific study demands. Our clients have direct access to our staff and prompt feedback to their inquiries. If you are interested in our services, please contact us immediately!


  1. Zhang, X.; et al. Pharmaceutical Dispersion Techniques for Dissolution and Bioavailability Enhancement of Poorly Water-Soluble Drugs. Pharmaceutics. 2018. 10(3): 74.


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